Henoc Muamba’s journey began in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where he was born. Five years later, his family moved to Canada to avoid the political upheaval in the Congo and settled in Montreal since French was their first spoken language. The Muamba clan then moved to the west end of Toronto in order to give Henoc and his brothers a better opportunity in bilingualism. Henoc is newly a father to a beautiful little girl, Thea and husband to his beautiful wife Jessica. Growing up in the church has taught him to cherish and make time for family and loved ones. Henoc's hobbies include reading books, watching movies and catching up on tv shows. He is also interested in storytelling, interviewing and sports broadcasting. 


Middle linebacker for the Montreal Allouttes 


Motivational speaker committed to helping you unleash your full potential. 


Muamba Moment is a series of interviews where Henoc gives various guest a platform to share their story.

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